About Me

My name is Nathan Moore. I’m a father, painter, poet and maker of other stuff. I’m from Columbus, Ohio.

The best description of my point of view is this from the master Eduardo Galeano:

“The law of reality is the law of power. So that reality should not seem unreal, those in charge tell us that morality must be immoral.”

I can be reached at natmoo1@gmail.com

24 responses to “About Me

  1. Nathan…thanks for sharing a bit of your soul with me. I came across your blog via “Poets Who Blog”…I’ve added you to my blog lists (http://madceltbloglist.blogspot.com/).

    Peace and joy…Dale (The Mad Celt)
    “Musings of a Mad Celt”

  2. Nathan: I am inviting poets to submit to a new poetry journal & community called Saggio. The premiere issue is scheduled for Fall 2008. I would be happy to have you submit your work, and pass along invitations to other poets whose work you admire.

    Please to to http://www.barrierislandpress.com

  3. Pam

    I found your blog through Poets Who Blog. Very nice work. I plan on linking to you.

  4. Nathan, I didn’t realize these were your paintings!! wonderful!

  5. Holly thanks for viewing and commenting on my work.

  6. I like this quote very much. It reveals something about you that I already had felt from your poems.

  7. Thanks Christine. If you ever find Galeano’s “Book of Embraces” I recommend it.

  8. I. Cant

    It’s nice to know there’s still some soul left in Ohio

  9. wow–you redesigned your site too! i like the new banner a lot, and black on white is easier to read. navigation is good but i miss the long list of poems! in the long run, this will likely serve you better….

    i look forward to seeing you post more art here!

  10. btw, i too am a huge fan of galeano, he’s brilliant

  11. Thanks artpredator. You know my son’s middle name is Galeano. So that tells you what I think of that writer. Isn’t “Book of Embraces” a life-changing work?

  12. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my poem “Envious Old Woman”!

  13. Hi Nathan:
    I’m living in San Francisco. I wrote Logicalogics.
    I saw that you are interested in reviewing the book. I’d be happy to mail you a free copy if you don’t have one yet. I have a small stack left over from my publisher copies. If you email me your address, I’d be happy to mail it directly to you.
    Best regards, Ron

  14. Hi Nathan,

    Will you complete this meme? If yes, please leave a link here: Writer’s Meme

    If you believe the personal is political, how is this reflected in your work or life?

    Are there any dominating themes, images or ideas prevalent in your body of work?

    What theme(s) or idea(s) have you avoided in your work? Why?

    Are you drawn to any particular themes, ideas or styles of poetry?

    Who are some of your favorite poets (writers) and why?

  15. I. Cant

    I was wondering if you could check out something I’m trying to get started before the elections. It’s Change Poetry @ http://changepoetry.wordpress.com. If you think it’s worth anything, it would be great if you could contribute your amazing poetic skills to the cause. And if you don’t, I’d appreciate it if you left this post up so your visitors can check it out. You, deservedly, seem to have quite a following, including me.
    Vote Peace.

  16. Hi, Nathan. I hear you gotta job as a guest editor of an ejournal. Cool. I thought, cos your blog looks so much like mine that you might like to come over and check out my stuff and see what you thought. Feel free to stick any of it your magazine, no link, no attribution. I’ve given up trying to sell it for drinking money anyway. Let me know what you think. Thanks, sorry to take up so much of your time, but the opinion of such a respected fellow would be invaluable. Thanks,

  17. Paul, it looks like we’re using the same theme, huh?

  18. Yeah, I think it’s the best for reading, big black font on a white background. I saw a quote from you somewhere too about the myth of consistency which is a theme I’ve worked on for a while, I call it the myth of the consistent personality, very germaine to bloggoland. “The law of reality is power” is also a bit of a radical point of view in these parts, “either act or be acted on”, the general tendancy seems to be to shy away from that harsh reality and seek comfort in haiku stillness.

  19. Dee

    Wow, you are doing an outstanding job. Must turn my daughter on to your stuff, she will love it!


  20. Thanks very much Dee. I’m interested in knowing what your daughter thinks.

  21. Just discovered through readwritepoem. Great looking site, siezes and catches important stuff. Anxious to explore. Ohio! Columbus! Who knew?

  22. Hi Adrienne and thanks! Good to see you here.

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