Black Circle

Black Circle

8 responses to “Black Circle

  1. The geometry, the colors in these! wowee!

    I think you’d like my friend Gray’s art…his website is:

  2. ps…go to his “pics”

  3. Carolee

    hi nathan! i love this piece. i’m going to be giving my students an assignment to fill a page with shapes and color (probably next week). can i use it for an example?

  4. Of course Carolee. I’m flattered that you would ask.

  5. I wonder if it were titled something else would I have seen the circle first? Gorgeous.

  6. Thank you Jo. I’m really pleased that you looked at this.

  7. Hi, congratulations on this one! It’s not too often an artist is able to achieve such balance. Composition screams chaos, but isn’t overwhelming in anyway. Placing one saturated black spot, let alone at the top, in a rectangle canvas filled with a lot of other rectangles has completely conveyed to me that your abilities are warranted a Wow response!!!
    This piece is very easy on the eyes with a great balance of movement. I would love to see it in person.

  8. Thank you Kitty, I really appreciate the kind words.

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