7 responses to “Storm

  1. forgotten skeleton in a storm…dude, this is like, whoa…seriously

  2. The neighborhood reminds me of one in Boulder I used to live near. It makes me wonder what was underneath the earth there.
    It also reminds me of a friend of mine who took me to a place behind his house years ago…in a field, a set of stairs in the middle of the field leading underground…we couldn’t make ourselves go any further than a few steps down…and we never knew why…it was so scary!

  3. Somehow, I missed that you were a painter until just recently. This painting reminds me of Chagall. The village, the skeleton floating. I really like the colors in the sky. Is it watercolor? Gouache?

  4. Thanks for looking at this one Holly. Just stairs in a field? Creepy!

    Thanks Jill. Chagall is a favorite. It’s watercolor.

  5. Jeanne Klaver

    This blows my mind on many levels (and this is a good thing),. Awesome!

  6. t

    Haunting image. The oversized skeleton…. wah…..

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